We are here to create a synergy between nature & technology. We used, consumed and destroyed our nature for long enough. It's time to create a shift. A shift where we use technology to rebuild nature and to bring more awareness to the people. Let's get in tune and work together with our planet. The time is now!


We believe strongly in co-creation. As a company we are connecting through energy and equally intended projects with other companies.
Together, we are creating a new world.
A world where nature and technology work together. A world where we are digitally sovereign again. A world that will marinate our future generations with love and care
Here is a list of all the companies we worked with since 2020
Feel free to check them out as they are beautiful in their intentions and in their love


Hey! It's Phil,
I want to welcome you personally to this portfolio page. Here is a collection of my creative work that I am truly proud of.
I did a variation of design work that ranges from website design, website development, logo design and abstract illustrations.
To see my full Portfolio click here


Hey this is Phil, and I want to tell you how No Ego started..This company is all based on a vision I received in 2018. I was doing a standing meditation with no light in the room, only some candles. At one moment, it felt like an arrow of light, packed with information just landed in my head. In a couple of seconds, I received hours of information.In this information I saw a perfect combination of technology and consciousness. How it can all blend, helping each other in stead of using each other. I saw a city that was completely self-sustainable. Full with waterfalls that generated electricity, full with nature in the middle of the city. The people where so happy, they we so empowered and expressing themselves authentically.This made me put into action. and I said to myself that I want to make a positive impact by merging technology and consciousness, finding a symbiosis by machines and nature. **I didn't know how, but I knew it was needed. **The name comes from a very simple truth that I experienced many years ago. Our ego's can ruin our lives if we are identified with it. If someone thinks they are there self-image they put a very limited view onto themselves. Loosing that identification completely, made me fully fall into my heart. With the ego as my peaceful sidekick, I experience a live of magic and of service. I wish this experience for everyone who chooses to live in a heaven on earth.And I believe technology is a beautiful vehicle to spread this awarenessSo see this company as a long-term project, building a bridge between our essential nature and technology, one step at the time.Together we can co-create a heaven on earth for all, feel free to reach out if you are interested in co-creating this experience.


As a company, and as a person, we are very open to connect. The fastest way is to give me a personal message on Telegram (click the link below)
Also if you are interested in mailing us or checking out my personal website please do by clicking the other icons below

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